Trey Young is from Crawfordville Florida, where he lives with his wife and two boys at 3Y Ranch. Trey has been around horses his entire life and has had the privilege of being around some of the greatest horseman of his time. Those people and horses Trey has been around have helped him better understand the horse. He often travels to spend time with those people that have the knowledge and understanding so he can further his relationship with the horse every day.  Trey moved to Weatherford Texas in 1999 where he received a rodeo scholarship to Weatherford College in the team roping. Trey was fortunate enough to live with Chris Cox, one of the greatest horseman of all time while in Texas. He traveled to college and pro rodeos throughout the next years. In 2005 Trey came back to Florida and started training for the public.  Not having the knowledge that he felt he needed Trey moved back to Texas to work for Chris in 2007. Then to south Florida to work for world champion roper and cow horse trainer, Jay Holmes. These guys really helped with the program that Trey has today for his horses. HRTV aired Trey Young “The American Horseman” on Dish Network in 2010. He has done many clinics and expos throughout the country trying to spread and further his knowledge about the horse. Trey rides a limited amount of outside horses now in Florida as well as conducts clinics and Trey Young “The American Horseman” now airs on Farm and Ranch TV. He most recently won the finals in Las Vegas and year end high point champion at the “Colt Starting Challenge U.S.A.” held injunction with the NFR. Trey and his father have a small breeding program and Trey makes rope horses, cow horses, but more important trying to produce a using horse for all purpose for people from all walks of life.  The learning process is never ending with an animal or a human that can think for itself. It’s truly a bond that has Trey looking for ways to better communicate with horses every day. Spending his lifetime with horses Trey knows the learning process will never end. The greatest teacher Trey has ever had is the horse and with an open mind the possibilities are endless to the understanding between horse and rider.