Low Pressure & Confidence


This clinic is designed for first time or beginner riders, riders who have struggled with issues in the past, or who riders that are nervous and uncomfortable. Focus will be on ground work and getting control and respect from your horse, while trying to teach you to teach your horse at a pace that fits each individual student. We will ride according to each individual horse and rider.



This clinic can benefit anyone from your everyday rider, trail rider, to competed trail riders as well. Use of obstacles in the arena, as well as on the trail, will be used to ready your horse for any situation. With use of 3Y’s 500 acers there is plenty to expose your horse to such as water holes, steep terrain and lots of beautiful scenery. The clinics always end at the beach at St. Marks Wildlife Refuge. These riders are not first time or beginner riders, and understand basic fundamentals of controlling their horse. 

Horsemanship Cow Work


These clinics are to help advance riders that understand basic fundamentals of riding, NOT first time or beginners. These clinics involve loping, trotting and stopping all while giving your horse a purpose and a goal, all with use of cattle. Having your horse soft and ready to respond to your cues are everything to being able to control your horse in any given situation. That’s what all our clinics are about!

Colt Starting


This clinic will involve everything to start a great foundation in your colt. Trey will provide programs and advice for each rider and horse as they leave, and what to do to further their horse knowledge.

10 Horses, 6 days. Customer must provide colt. 

Horsemanship Team Roper


For and team roper that wants to improve their horsemanship, in return improving their roping. Team roping is evolving every day, and horses are the one thing that evolving more than any technology any company has ever come up with! No matter how new your rope is, no matter what saddle you ride or video you watch.. 90% of people that rope are only as good as their horse is. More and more people are starting to understand that because of the money that is being given away every weekend. Ropers are wanting to keep their horses working better for a better chance to win. This clinic is geared to identifying problems with the horse, and being able to go back to basic horsemanship, fixing the problems the horse has, maintaining and keeping him at his highest potential. 

Host A Clinic


Contact us for more information on coming to you for group or private clinics.